Some Kinda Salvation


“A tempestuous mix of deep, dark and dirty psycho-blues" from the hard edged Rhythm & Blues of ‘Looking For You’ and ‘Nothin’ Ain’t Right’ to the more spacey grooves of ‘Something of the Night’. The slightly menacing ‘Smoking Buddha’ with its wasted elegance or ‘Circus’ with its lyrically political depths. A dark humour runs through the veins of these songs, fermented in a mash of blues, twisted country, jaded soul and vicious old style rhythm and blues, this is music to live by, get high to, get drunk to and the rest.  This is music to get truly lost in. 


Neil Hunter / Guitar & Vocals
Bryan Lea Bradford / Harmonica & Vocals
Ryan Every / Guitars
Graham Aitken / Bass
Andy Fletcher / Drums





Some Kinda Salvation

by S.K.S